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Broken Google login probably because of lack of encryption

It seems like these forums are not using https, which means all data is sent, including logins, is sent unencrypted to the site. I think this is also what is causing logging in with your Google account to fail. Google complains about Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

I know about the issue, but I am afraid to modify anything now since I don’t have too much time to deal with it right now.
If someone can help whit this a will be very grateful

For example, the main web is hosted in github. And you can activate the https.
here is more info: Securing your GitHub Pages site with HTTPS - GitHub Docs
However this forum is hosted in a VM on Digital Ocean, and I am not sure how this change can affect the configuration there.

If someone has experience with this and can help me I will more than happy to jump on a zoom call to set up everything correctly. :slight_smile: