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Brow & Eye Rigger

I having quite a few issues with the Rigbits Brow and Eye riggers.

Brow Rig:
Symmetry mode doesn’t seem to do anything, nothing happens with I click “Build”. Here’s my setup in Symmetry Mode.

When I turn symmetry off, I’m able to build one side, but when I try to build the other, the controls get parented to the first brow control (ie. all of the right controls are parented to the left side). Is there a different way I should go about setting it up?

Eye Rigger:
This may be a simple fix, but I thought I’d ask here. When I build, the controls are coming in HUGE and skewed. Here’s a screenshot:

Notice the “Deformers Group” is left out - I’m not sure what to put in there. What is the “Deformers Group” looking for exactly?

Thank you for creating this amazing tool - it makes the A-Z character creation process possible for an individual. I’m living my dream because of you guys!