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Brow Rig problem

I am working with mgear 3.7.0
I have an issue with the brows rig, mainly the Right brow. it stays in its initial place instead of turning round with the rest of the rig, for example, when turned 180 degrees. it happens with any simple
movement of the rig, though. the left one also isn’t perfect, it also becomes a little distorted. I am aware of previous threads on the topic but the solutions brought in them hadn’t seemed to work for me, I’ve tried moving the crvs transform group to be parented under the neck_head ctrl, but nothing happened, so I replaced everything there, just moved groups up and down and parented and unparented, just to see if something would happen, but nothing.
apparently I can’t upload photos due to being a new user here so I hope I was clear enough.
any ideas?Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

Hi @Nofir I changed your user level. Can you now post images?

Also please mention your version of mGear.

Thank you, I’ve posted some images now,