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Brow Rigger joints won't move


I’ve been working with the mGear Brow Rigger and encountered an issue where the newly created joints aren’t moving in sync with their designated controls. Currently, only the main brow control seems to have any effect on the joints, as demonstrated in the attached clip.

I’m reaching out to the community for insights or suggestions on how to resolve this. Any advice on ensuring that all brow joints move correctly with their respective controls would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Brow settings:

Joints not moving: elephant_rig.mp4 - Google Drive

In your screenshot you have “ctl” as extension. But you also specify “L_Eyebrow_ctrl”. So check for typos. If you are instructing the script to look for the wrong control extension, it will likely fail.

The second step would be to check for errors when building. Maybe it is never completing.

If it is completing, the next thing would be to follow around the node connections and see where the broken part is happening. Then maybe a bug will be exposed, or an explanation found.

Bonus: Make sure you don’t have “Preserve Children” turned on.

I’m having the same issue when generating the brows. It does give me an error but I have no idea how to solve this since the nurbs curve is generated by the tool. Please send help:

# Warning: Too many coincident knots. Maximum allowed is degree
// Warning: brow_L_mainCtl_upvShape (Nurbs Curve): Tweaks can be undesirable on shapes with history.