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Brow rigger script fails

Hi all,

I’m running into a failure with the brow rigger script - seems like others may have seen similar behavior in the lips, but essentially I’m getting:

# Warning: Too many coincident knots.  Maximum allowed is degree # 
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "X:\app_env\maya\modules\mgear_3.4.0\scripts\mgear\rigbits\facial_rigger\brow_rigger.py", line 1524, in build_rig
#     rig(**lib.get_settings_from_widget(self))
#   File "X:\app_env\maya\modules\mgear_3.4.0\scripts\mgear\rigbits\facial_rigger\brow_rigger.py", line 335, in rig
#     parent=browsCrv_root)
#   File "X:\app_env\maya\modules\mgear_3.4.0\scripts\mgear\core\curve.py", line 179, in createCuveFromEdges
#     crv = addCurve(parent, name, centersOrdered, degree=degree)
#   File "X:\app_env\maya\modules\mgear_3.4.0\scripts\mgear\core\curve.py", line 76, in addCurve
#     node = pm.curve(n=name, d=degree, p=points)
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\core\modeling.py", line 181, in curve
#     res = _curve(*args, **kwargs)
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\core\modeling.py", line 19, in curve
#     res = _general.PyNode(cmds.curve(*args, **kwargs))
#   File "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\internal\pmcmds.py", line 130, in curve_wrapped
#     res = new_cmd(*new_args, **new_kwargs)
# RuntimeError: Need at least (degree + 1) control vertices to create a curve span

I’m following the video from here:

Any suggestions?


I have found this issue in the past. But I have to check. I don’t remember right now :stuck_out_tongue:
Is it possible to share a sample scene to reproduce the error? Please send me a PM :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll see if I can grab some piece of the geo and send it your way! thanks!

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oh interesting… when I remove a bunch of the geometry so it’s just the head, then it seems to be working. I wonder if something else is going on… I’ll have to investigate further before I send something over. :slight_smile:

Oh! I see :open_mouth: Please let me know if you find something. Thanks!

Hi ! I’m relaunching this old topic (sorry :kissing: ) but I have the same problem as yours. I tried to delete the body of my character and I have now this error:

# TypeError: object of type ‘NoneType’ has no len()

Did you finally found a solution without removing the body ?

Otherwise I’m able to build each brow separatly as well as the center brow. I don’t know how to connect the center one to the side ones so it will be awesome that the symmetry tool works by default !