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Brow rigger script


@Krzym I’m still encountering an issue with the script. the part of the mesh where the joints are skinned is moving out of place when I rotate the head. Can you assist me.
Here is the link to the rig.


Hello @Ross_Daniel

Just parent the group containing the curves (ex: brow_C_crvs) under your head control and that should do the trick normally.


That’s right this should do the job! Sorry I do not have time to update all those issues yet :confused:


I don’t recall if we already added your tool inside an official release but it definitely comes in handy when doing some facial work. Probably needs some final polishing in order to be added right?


That would be cool, but it’s not added yet.
I’m mostly done with rewriting the code so it fits new facial rigger and most issues are fixed. Will let you know when its fixed.


Thank you so much for your speedy response.You guys are making great progress so far. I think with the brow and upgraded lips, mgear will be unstoppable.


Hi @Krzym
I have been playing with your tool today (it is about time! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I will integrate it with the other facial tools in rigbits. But first I will adjust and refactor the code and some functionallity. I hope it is OK for you.
Just let me know if you have any specific request or advice for this.

btw: I have download it form the dropbox in the first post. Do you have any new version?



So glad to hear this!
Recently I used eye rigger combining brow rigger in my dinosaur project.
It’s easy to use and helps a lot! Thank you Miquel and Krzym.
Is it possible to add “z” calculation funtion (like eye rigger) in brow rigger script for animal creature in integration version?


Hi @Miquel, Great to hear that!

I was playing with code a bit, but it’s a mess for now - I will need some time to clean it a bit.
When are you planning to work on that? Maybe I could fix some things or prepare it as you want - just let me know how and what to prepare.

The files on dropbox are recent, just changes few things with a new version:

  • code is a bit more similar to facial rigger
  • wire deformers dropoff distance is set to 100 and crvsGRPs are parented to headJoints.
  • Ropes are reparented to parent joints

I was playing with orientation, but have no time to find a solution. Right now, you can create brows horizontally, I was thinking about Z-calc as in eye script, but it would be way better to solve up vector based on edge loop. So you could create that spline rig any direction - this would be helpful to add more facial elements over the face with the same script.
The second thing on my list is to reduce curve count, not sure if I need that much <- but to be honest I did not have any performance issues.

Sorry, I wasn’t able to update that yet, but I’m overloaded each month. Hope in November I’ll be able to work on some things.


Hi @Krzym

I am planing to start tomorrow morning :slight_smile: but no worries. I will continue with the dropbox data :slight_smile:

I will keep you update!


Hi @Krzym

I already did the first pass of integration. Now I am reviewing some stuff I would like to change. The information in in the ticket:

btw: do you have github account?


@Miquel that’s great! Here’s my GitHub account:

You’re right, controls do not work in mirror behavior - nor in single nor symmetry mode ;(
About knots issue - I believe it’s related to helpers.divideSegment (I’m creating a curve and from that generating controllers positions) - this way I have control over main and secondary controls count - I hope you’d keep that functionality and wish to have that for lips and eyes too.

If I could help you somehow, please let me know.



There are some other cleanups/optimizations nessesary.

When using the single sided mode and doing left and right components the Right components get parented under the control strcuture of the Left side.

On mirror mode brow_R_in_tangent_ctl gets an unessesary isolation cause by an multMatrix node coming to it’s npo group.

Another issue on non simetrical mode is that the left and right controls numbers are always read from left to right causing this. RIGHT [0, 1, 2, 3] LEFT [0, 1, 2, 3] and it should be more like RIGHT[0, 1, 2, 3] LEFT [3, 2, 1, 0]

Lastly I think the controls don’t get TAGGED with the controller Maya node and they don’t get added into the dagPose

I haven’t been able to code in a while because of my current workload but overall the tool is pretty cool to use.


Come to think about it, I think none of the facial controls get added to the DagPose node


This is actually true,
I’ve been doing this as a post script and wanted to add this to the facial rigging tools.
Looking at the brow integration from @Miquel, I’ll hold off to see what is going to change :slight_smile:


thanks everybody for the feedback I have added all the notes in the github Ticket :slight_smile:


Can the main brow CTL also rotate in a mirrored fashion?


@Krzym The eyebrow rigger will be included in the next release 3.3.0 (provably tomorrow :slight_smile: )
Still some things I would like to change but I think is good for release.

Just want to thank you again for the contribution :slight_smile:


Thank you for implementing that - hope so my future contributions wouldn’t be that time-consuming :wink: