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Brow rigger script


@Krzym I’m still encountering an issue with the script. the part of the mesh where the joints are skinned is moving out of place when I rotate the head. Can you assist me.
Here is the link to the rig.


Hello @Ross_Daniel

Just parent the group containing the curves (ex: brow_C_crvs) under your head control and that should do the trick normally.


That’s right this should do the job! Sorry I do not have time to update all those issues yet :confused:


I don’t recall if we already added your tool inside an official release but it definitely comes in handy when doing some facial work. Probably needs some final polishing in order to be added right?


That would be cool, but it’s not added yet.
I’m mostly done with rewriting the code so it fits new facial rigger and most issues are fixed. Will let you know when its fixed.


Thank you so much for your speedy response.You guys are making great progress so far. I think with the brow and upgraded lips, mgear will be unstoppable.