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Build for Maya 2020

Decided to get the Mgear build up and running for Maya 2020. Built with msvc14.1 x64. All I did was point the build to the new devkit headers and set it to run so no warranty on it, but these plugins are all pretty simple so I assume they should be fine!

Edit: link removed, please download the official release instead!

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I have almost ready the next mGear release. I will do it tonight or tomorrow.

NOTE: I only have access to a windows machine. Someone can contribute with the compile solvers for OSX and Linux?


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Oh man all those new rigging stuff in Maya is crazy.

Miquel are there any plans to use this new nodes or is that to big for now?

Special thanks to the fast updates. Other plugin devs needs month to compile a version.

I would like to start using it. But I have to keep also back compatibility. I need to research more and see how to keep everything clean while taking advantage of the new Maya features