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Build from guides - recursive error

Hey everyone, I’m new and trying to wrap my head around mGear. I adjusted my guides and tried parenting the arm and feet UI to the arms and feet (so the controls stay nearby) and I think that caused the build to fail. This is the script error I get. Any ideas of how to fix it?

= SHIFTER RIG SYSTEM ==============================================

= GUIDE VALIDATION ==============================================
Checking guide
Get options
Get controllers
Get components
global_C0 (control_01)
local_C0 (control_01)
body_C0 (control_01)
spine_C0 (spine_ik_01)
shoulder_L0 (shoulder_01)
arm_L0 (arm_2jnt_01)
meta_L0 (meta_01)
finger_L3 (chain_01)
finger_L2 (chain_01)
finger_L1 (chain_01)
finger_L0 (chain_01)
thumbRoll_L0 (control_01)
thumb_L0 (chain_01)
Object missing : neck_C0_head
Object missing : neck_C0_eff
neck_C0 (neck_ik_01)
shoulder_R0 (shoulder_01)
arm_R0 (arm_2jnt_01)
meta_R0 (meta_01)
finger_R3 (chain_01)
finger_R2 (chain_01)
finger_R1 (chain_01)
finger_R0 (chain_01)
thumbRoll_R0 (control_01)
thumb_R0 (chain_01)
leg_L0 (leg_2jnt_01)
foot_L0 (foot_bk_01)
leg_R0 (leg_2jnt_01)
foot_R0 (foot_bk_01)
spineUI_C0 (control_01)
armUI_R0 (control_01)
armUI_L0 (control_01)
legUI_L0 (control_01)
legUI_R0 (control_01)
Find recursive in [ 0:00:00.728687 ]
The guide doesn’t seem to be up to date.Check logged messages and update the guide.
Guide loaded from hierarchy in [ 0:00:00.728883 ]

It seems like this might be related to deleting some of the head guides (i already setup my head rig my own way)? anyway to figure out how to fix it?

You deleted parts of guides but not the whole guide. To remove a guide from your blueprint make sure to delete the guide roots, the red cubes. Un parent any children you want to preserve first, of course.

You need to clean up your guides and make sure you don’t have any partial guides.
You might need to delete certain parts and recreate them if you are not sure.

This might be from reparenting and changing the rig. But this particular error usually means that your guides are from a different version of mGear, so it has some incompatible attributes, or missing attributes that were added in newer versions.

You need to select the guide (top group) and from the menu, run mGear → Shifter → Update Guide.

But if that error is from something else, or if you broke your guides somehow, running this might not fix those specific problems.

[Warning!] If you parented anything under the guide that is not a Shifter guide object, those objects might get deleted when you update the guide. So save a backup, and make sure not to parent any custom stuff under the guide before running that command.

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Thanks guys. this is helpful. As a total newb it’s good to get this info. Starting from scratch with mGear is a bit intimidating but I think sticking with it will be the way to go.