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Buildilng Shifter components using curves

I wanted to try an add a continuous track rig to mGear (tank track, catapillar tracks etc.), which works in a similar way to the Rope Rigbit. What I’m doing is using curves and then distributing ‘n’ amounts of joints along it, but looking at the Shifter guides, it seems none of them work in this way.

Would it make the most sense to just build this as a Rigbit, following the example of the Rope rig?
Or are there some types of Shifter guides I’m missing?

Hello @ragnar
Shifter doesn’t have a component like that. The best option will be to create it with a custom step, by hand or another tool.
I recall time ago we did something with a plugin we found on the internet. I guess Google is your best friend here :stuck_out_tongue: