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Building joints with no Joint Orient values?

Hi! After a few months at my new company I’m finally getting the chance to use mGear again :slight_smile: And I have a quick quick question: is there any option during the rig building so the joints get their non-zero values in their Rotation channels instead of getting them in the Joint Orient ones? Essentially, after a rig is build, I’d like Joint Orient values to be [0, 0, 0] and Rotation values to be [X, Y, Z].

I might have to write a “cleaning” pass myself to get the skeleton ready for my engineers after removing the control layer, but I was wondering if this is something that can is implemented already, similar to what the “FK Rest T Pose” does for FK controls.


Hi @iker.mozos can you send me a little example of the result joint structure that you are looking for?