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Cache Manager environment variables

Whoo hoo for mGear 3.2! I’m investigating some of the new features. On the release podcast, Jerome mentioned some environment variables for his GPU cache manager in animbits.

I don’t know if they are in the documentation yet, but here they are typed out, if anyone comes searching for them:




Thanks for this awesome feature. When I add the attr to the rig it works and it’s quite handy for the animators!

It doesn’t seem to work the env variables though. Like in your video I get an empty list when looking for a custom attr.

found a solution just needed to reload mgear cache manager

import os

Hello @liudger

For now the env variables neeed to be set at Maya starting point.

I will change this on future releases.

Hello there
When I use the current display type to display the character I want to convert, the color is gray after the conversion, just like lambert1.
Can this option convert the color information of the texture?

Hello @fury_Night

You mean the GPU cache itself or your rig?


Hello there
My rigs After I converted to GPU cache, the GPU cache did not inherit the texture color information of my rig’s character, the GPU cache has no color.

Hi @fury_Night

Keep in mind that Maya’s GPU cache only supports lamber, blinn and phong shaders in the viewport. Sometimes even those shaders don’t get a fully functional display depending on your textures/shaders network.

So if for example your rig has compatible shaders but have textures and ramps or complex shading network the result will be just the default output color of your shader. Let’s say you have a lambert with a texture. If you want to have a display that is not grey on the GPU cache you might need to set the texture default color node attribute to something of your like. This is why the cache manager has a display override for this but again those will be constant single colors.


Thank you very much for your answers and help.

I saw the 3.2 released video on the mgear youtube channel. The Cache Manager tool you converted to GPU cache can inherit the color information of rig, thinking that you can inherit any form of color information, maybe I missed the prompt.

My English is not very good, I understand that the GPU cache inherits the character’s color information and must convert the shader to the lamber, blinn and phong shaders, and the shader color attribute cannot use the drawn texture map. A single color display.

Thank you again for your answer.