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Can mgear do head stretching?


Can mgear do head stretching and squashing like the kayla rig ? How do I set it up?



Mgear by default doesn’t have any component to do this by default.

In this tutorial series Josh Sobel explains how he did the stretching and squashing of the face.

If you haven’t seen it, you can use ‘squash_01’ component of mGear. Take a duplicate of your face and use two squash components one upwards and one downwards. Now build the squash components and skin the squash joints to the duplicated face as you see it fit.

make two controls which are parented to the head controls(fk possibly) and match their orientation with the squash control. Connect the upper squash control’s translates with the head top control and the same for lower squash controls.

Now blend shape the duplicates face with the original face and put the value always at 1. Just make sure that the actual squash is not under the global control so that you don’t get any double transformations. You can use the post custom scripts to make sure every thing is done while building the guide and it wont cost you much time every time you have to build the rig.

Hope that was helpful.


thanks, gonna need some visual aid for this explanation lol. thanks though.



Here is a maya file with rough face and skining (actually bad :P). But you should be able to understand the functionality. Sorry I couldn’t provide a video file explaining this. Hope this maya file helps.



Thanks a lot, greatly appreciate the effort and time you put in it!