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Can not use same UI host for multiple controls


Hey Everyone,

I am not sure in how far this is expected behavior and I am just doing something wrong but here it goes:

If I create multiple control_01 shifter components and set the same ui host (another control_01 component) for them their IK ref attributes seem to overwrite or replace each other.
Playing around with the checkboxes for using internal proxy channels and unique attributes names changes the created attributes from missing one of the ik ref attributes entirely to creating both attributes but only with the target list of one of them.

This is a file showing the problem. Build the guide and check out faceUI_C0_ctl attributes, there should be another ik ref underneath ____ eye.

The specific case was attaching a hat to a character, putting the hat’s ik ref attribute on the faceUI host but the eyeslook ik ref is already placed there.

Obviously the simple solution is to not use the same ui host for more than one component type at a time but this feels rather unintentional and it would be nicer / cleaner to it this way for this rig.

thanks for your help


Hi @fleity
Check this video :slight_smile:

Also you maybe interested in the channel wrangler



The Channel Wrangler is very awesome. I even made a test with it to send a copy of (a custom attribute in a sphere) to another separate object (cube). I made it as a proxy operation & it worked :grin: (the custom attribute became available in both the sphere & the box & I can dial it from either this or that & it changes its value in realtime here & there). Channel Wrangler is a very useful tool for moving or making instance copy of attributes between any controllers we choose, :grinning: