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Cannot create custom rig mapping

So I am having a problem with my mGear rig when I go to create custom rig mapping.
I am able to define my skeleton fine but when it comes to creating the custom rig mapping I get the warning message that the rig is is locked or connected and cannot be modified.

Is this a bug with mGear or is there a workaround to achieve this for doing mocap cleanup etc?

Hello @mikemo and welcome to the forum.

I do not fully understand what you are trying to achieve but I’ll try to answer the best way that I can.
When building a rig with mGear most of the components will create joints for you to use later on. Those joints have their transform values (translate, rotate, scale, shear attributes) connected to the rig system using matrix calculations and the attributes on the joint are set to non keyable.

If you are trying to use the joints that mGear create those are already connected to the rig. This means that if you want to override how the joint is been driven by the rig you need to first break the connections to the nodes been use to drive the joint (check in the node editor)… Or you can simple replace some of the drivers connections to the nodes that drives the joint.

I hope this helps you.

PS: Don’t know if this might be of any use for you but @Miquel did a video some time ago on how to hook an mGear rig to a mocap skeleton.

Hi Jerome and thanks for your response.
Yes I didn’t explain fully what I’m trying to achieve, my apology.

I’m attempting to retarget mocap data to my mGear rig using HumanIK. The point at which it fails is when you attempt to create custom rig mapping, for the reasons you outlined.

The video you linked to is exactly what I have been looking for (not sure why this didn’t pop up previously when searching for an answer)
Going to try this solution and report back.


the mocap tools are “Hardcoded” for the default biped template. Adding stuff is OK, but if you change something from the base it will fail.

if you post the error message, maybe it is something easy to workaround. But just to let you know. This tool is pretty rudimentary. It was done to fulfill some need of a specific project and needs a refactor/redesign from scratch :stuck_out_tongue: