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Cant add the edge looping to the eye Rigger


I`m using maya 2018.4, i can add the Eyeball and the head joint but cant add the edge looping. Is this a bug? Or am i doing something the wrong way?
When i try to add the edge looping, i get this message:

Error: TypeError: Flag ‘selection’ must be passed a boolean argument

Tks in advance.


is hard to tell with this info

Can you share images or a video?



Hi again and thanks for answer. How can i share a video with you? there is no way to upload here.


Dropbox, wetransfer, google drive … :wink:


Ok, Here is a link within the dropbox, do not consider the audio:


google drive

Please, let me know if you can see the video.

Tks in advance


are you trying to add the edges 1 by 1 ?

At the end of the video looks like you try with the complete loop but is very fast and I am not sure

you should add the full loop at the same time. if is what you are doing at the end of the video, them should be other thing

btw: is not need to put the side label “L_” in the name. It will detect the side automatically

this is not related with the problem but maybe you want to use this option with the T-rex

Let me know if this helps



Hi, tks for the answer. I wasnt trying to select the edges one by one, it was to demonstrate the problem: at the end of the vídeo, when i try to complete the looping, it doesnt complete at all. When i select more than 3 edges, it just doesnt allow me to do the selection. tried in 3 different models.


What version of mGear are you using?

Have you also tried in any other versions of Maya?

Can you please paste the entire error from the script editor? Not just a single line.

When you do post the error, surround the text with triple backticks at the beginning and end. 3 of these `
That will format the text properly.


Here is another video with another character:

another video

When i try to do the looping selection, it doesnt select.

Tried mGear 3.0.5 and now 3.1.1.

Just tried Maya 2018.3 and 2018.4.


Can you please paste the entire error from the script editor?