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CGWorld Anima Interview (Japanese)


Here is a little interview talking about our latest project at Anima

Include some images of the rigs usin mGear :slight_smile:

(It is in Japanse, but google translate can do an OK translation :stuck_out_tongue: )

btw: we are recruiting: https://cgworld.jp/jobs/10009.html


Yeah google translation was not bad at all from Jav to English:

I recognized your talking about fixing rigs errors easily & fast, looking at those few screenshots for those review tools you use in that Animated series, it’s impressive that mGear is flexible in this type of correcting/editing in a big project data-centric style :sunglasses:

You look so busy lately, Miquel, but hope you can have sometime preparing mGear to benefit from the upcoming features of maya 2019 (that special playback cache they talked about in Siggraph lately)