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Chain spring baking broken in latest release?

Hiya, I noticed that the rigbits bake spring node gives the error
mgear\core\utils.py line 214: Couldn’t find root node from your selection
so i made a simple control and chain spring and built the rig, and it seems the rigbits>bake spring nodes
gives the same error, this is happening to a co worker as well, just wondering has something changed in the latest mgear that might be causing this ?
if i just throw down a biped or quadruped guide template and attach a chain spring to it and try to use rigbits>bake, in the latest mgear (4.0.3) i get this error, can anyone else confirm ?


wow, im stumped, i just uninstalled 4 and reinstalled 3.7.9
made a fresh rig, added a spring node- build it…
select rigbits > bake springs and get the same error… but, I’ve built rigs with this version that had springs and they worked fine… also, a previously build rig from a month or so ago- if opened- bakes fine still…
any ideas what could I be doing wrong >?


seem synoptic setup still works with both new and old rigs- might just be that something is wrong with rigbits>bake spring nodes

I’ll be quiet now

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Thanks for the feedback. I will check that, should work with the command or from synoptic

just a note that the problem still exists.

sorry the ticket still pending

So glad I found this thread :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? I’m hoping it will solve my problem of trying to make loopable anims using springs. I have used them for the ears & tail on my dog rig, but without being able to make them loop it’s not going to work.

A see it’s been said you can still use the synoptic view to do this, but I can’t see a button for this in the quadruped synoptic.

Any other way around this?

Hi AlexW,
if you open synoptic you should see a baker tab, if you don’t see it you need to add it, there’s a post here explaining that-

once you have that setup, bake the springs in the baker tab, then select the rig_PLOT_grp selection set under rig_sets_grp, this contains the baked keys, copy the last frame to the first for all channels and then delete/clean up the few keys after it to create a clean loop

another thing that may get you if you are new to springs- you need to set the spring to 1 to activate it in the rig, but then set it to 0 after it’s baked to allow the effect of the bake to takeover (if it stays set to 1, it will still be simulating each time you play rather than playing back the baked information)