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Chain Spring Root Controls Missing

Hello! When I parent the chain_spring_01 guide to the existing guides and bake the rig, I can’t seem to find where it’s placing the controls for the spring. If you bake a chain spring by itself, the controls are normally in the global_CO_ctl. However I checked in the biped root and it doesn’t have the controls.

When you say “controls”, do you mean the attributes?

You specify that, with the “Channels Host Settings” in the chain spring’s guide settings. You choose which controller will host the attributes. (And as far as I remember, if you don’t choose a host controller, it puts them on the global control by default.)

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Hey Chris,

Thanks! Yea I didn’t notice that option. Appreciate that!

@chrislesage doesn’t seem that was what I was looking for. Basically the settings for Spring chain intensity and the damping of each joint. I finally got it to show up on the world_ctrl, but I’d rather each chain have its own control so I can adjust them independently. I tried setting each host to be different, but the controls still appear on the world_ctrl.

Nevermind, I think it was because I was trying to make the root joint of the chain as the host. If I create a new control and make that the host it seems to work.

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Oh yeah I see what you mean. If you choose one of the spring controls itself, it adds it to “chainSpring_C0_1_loc” instead of the controller.

Yeah I usually put it on a separate control_01. Because for example, if I am making hair controls, usually, I’ll put all the attributes on one single control, and then you can change the spring and damping for them all at once. (Or a skirt, etc. Usually there are more than one chain that shares the same settings.)

However, if you do want to put the attributes on the spring itself, there is a tool that can move attributes from one control to another. Channel Wrangler. (I haven’t used it personally.) Copy attribute from one CTL to another CTL - #6 by Miquel

Just be careful. If you put the attributes on the control that is being driven, you might add additional evaluation loops and slow down your rig. (You’d have to profile and test.)