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Change controls scale

Hi there. Can’t find a way to change controls size after the rig is created. Setting the size in the Guide is not an option for obvious reason (you’ll have to guess the size and rebuild each time you change it).

After the rig is built, you can scale and move the existing controls. Or use Rigbits -> ‘Replace Shape’ to put any shapes you want.

Then you use the menu mGear -> Shifter -> Extract Control

This stores the shape under guide|controllers_org. The next time you build the rig, mGear looks for any matching names in that group and replaces the shape on your rig.

“After the rig is built, you can scale and move the existing controls.” - yes but that is actually animation and I know I can do that)) What I mean is to be able to change the shape and positioning of the controls. Like you can do with Advanced Skeleton https://youtu.be/zOgrYSI0NMI. Other methods you mentioned are too slow for this task. I was hoping to switch to mGear because it is more reliable than Advanced Skeleton right now but without the ability to quickly tweak controls I won’t be able to and that’s a pity.

I think you’ve misunderstood me.

I am not talking about the moving the transforms. I am talking about moving the points of the control curves.

Make any edits to the shapes that you want, and then store those shapes using “Extract Control”. You can also re-use those stored shapes for future characters so all your rigs have the same control icons.

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I figured it out. mGear NURBS controls disappear in edit mode unless you enable “Controllers” in 3d viewport “Show” menu. Thank you anyway, Chris.

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If you go mGear>MGear Viewport Menu (tick that off) you can then right click on the controllers like normal and scale/position the Control Vertex.