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Change default biped template size (now it's 1/10 of a regualr human)


Hi, there’s an issue where defaullt biped template is created 1/10 of a regualr man’s height. You have to scale the guide to match the figure. And it causes the mirrored guide component axis vidgets scale to be larger than on the side of the guide you are mirroring from. And there seems to be no way you could reset this widgets size back to normal. Is there a way to alter template guide size before it gets imported/created?


Hello @nastydroid

That is done on purpose. Maya has a precision rounding issue that will cause artifacts in skinning when you move the character from the center to a big distance I.E 100.000 units or more. We use big BGs for our productions and this an issue.

If you need the scale bigger by default you can override the biped template