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Channels Host / UI Host Category Naming


Hello all,

when building a “neck_ik_01” component for example, and setting a UI Host in the component settings, all the channels/attributes get organized under a “neck” category in the attribute error! But what if the neck component doesn’t actually represent a neck in the rig, but is used as something else instead, for example a big hair strand that works nicely with the neck behavior. Is there a way to tell MGear in what category to put these rig attributes / manually name the component category? Even more, when the said neck component for the left hair strand, is also used for the right hair strand and the UI Host references the same object, then MGear will not generate a second “neck” category, but drives both Hair strands with the same rig settings, so an Animator can’t have different settings on left and right side. (Except for providing a separate UI Host of course, which isn’t always needed).

In the hopes that I missed something that makes my life easier with this, I’d appreciate any hint!

Thanks very much!


Hi @pascalf

Not sure if I understand correctly the question. But I will try to reply.

right now mGear’s Shifter has 2 ways to create the channels for the components

  • Default shared names
  • Classic with unique names

In order to set more specific configuration or custom names attributes, you have to do it “manually” or use the channel Wrangler tool.
Using a separated UI host and later shuffle stuff with channel wrangler is a simple solution

This is an image of the help info if you hover the mouse

Also here is a video with a longer explanation

Channel wrangler

I hope this helps