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Color & Shape of Buttons in Synoptic

Hi everyone!

First of all I would like to thank the mGear team for create this fantastic framework and those who helps in every single thread helping to those who need it. This is a really beautiful community.

My problem here is: As you can see in the image I have my buttons with their respective color and shape (in widget_color.ui) and when I compile the alpha file (widget.ui) Maya doesn’t respect my colors and buttons have different shapes, I don’t understand why the color doesn’t remains like in the widget_color.ui. Also I don’t get the logic with the shapes of the buttons, some are more rounded than others, other are more like a square…

If you can help me I will appreciate it!

Thank you

I second that, my colors are off too, ran through them multiple times but after compiling, many is lost.

just FYI:

New animation picker is coming to the new mGear release

Synoptic will be also included but not develope anymore.


That’s so very oooh la la!

Is the release upcoming in the near future?

yes, very soon :slight_smile:

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Very exiting! Good luck with finishing it all

That’s cool, is there an on going non-release version that can grab and try it out ?

@Javis yes, it is in github :wink: