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Compiling Solvers - Problems

Hello all,

I’m trying to compile mgear_solvers for Maya 2023, and not having much luck. My C++ environment setup skills is wanting.

I’m trying to compile the mGear 4 master branch source files.

Here’s what I’ve done to get things setup.

I have a clone mGear 4 repot, Python 2.7, SCons, excons, Maya 2023, Visual Studio 2019.

I’m using this as my preliminary guide, and here’s what I’ve done.

1 in MINGW32 window I:
$ git clone https://github.com/mgear-dev/mgear4.git
$ cd mear4
$ git submodule update --init
$ git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master
$ git submodule foreach git pull origin master

2 Opened Visual Studio
3 Clicked ‘Open a local folder’
4 Opened the mgear4 directory that was just cloned
5 In the Visual Studio main menu bar clicked Tools\Command Line\Developer Command Prompt
6 In the command prompt ran this:
scons with-maya=2023 mgear_solvers

And this is the result

It’s dying on line 58 of \src\mgear_solvers.h which is this include
#include <iostream>
I’m not clear on how to get CMake to see this in order to access it.

Again, I’m kind of terrible at C++ project setup - CMake, and even VS settings are pretty foreign to me. If anyone can give me a direction to go in, I can google and try things till it works (hopefully).

Not sure about the issue you have, sorry.

btw: we are moving away from scons to use CMAKE .

I also ran this, then opened the generated VS project, and built from there. As expected, it generated a new mgear_solvers.mll with no problem, but it’s still a Maya 2024 one, not 2023.

cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -DMAYA_VERSION=2023 -A x64 .

I guess I just need to take more time out to learn CMake enough to understand it better (if only I had the time). Anyway, we just agreed to commit to Maya 2024 to get around this problem as all our engineers are slammed for a long while.

I’m finally compiling a Maya 2023 mgear_solvers.mll. After my steps above, including that last cmake command I posted, I followed this video to get my VS project set to the correct values. If any of you are in the same boat, sorry, I don’t know the exact settings at this exact moment (hard to remember and lots of settings), but you can probably get there by following that video step by step and just muddling your way to the goal line.

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