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Component enquiry

I’m looking to do a quadruped rig, and something I will definitely need is the ability to apply functions such as toe spread, toe curl and ankle orientation. I’m trying to find the component to addresses these needs. The foot component is great with it’s foot roll, that’s also needed, but doesn’t has these other variables.

Is there currently a component for this, or is there the ability to customise the foot control to also include these features?


Hello @Moomalade

Indeed this is not the first time someone needs this functionality. :stuck_out_tongue:
There is not a component that does that out of the box. But yes you can customize it by creating your own component, using custom steps or manual.

do you have any example of a rig/video with the functionality that you are looking for? I am also doing some quadrupeds, and maybe is a good time to improve that :slight_smile:

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Hi Miquel,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
I’ve got a rig that I’ve used to create the basic funtionality. These are the only features I can see missing from the mGear suite of components to be able to produce high quality quadruped animation.

Toe curl. It’s very usefuly to have a short hand access to this rather than individually selecting each puppet and rotating in unison.

Foot weight. I guess this is more of a combination of blendshape and joint manipulation? Super useful for grounding a character to give it that nuanced contact with the ground.

Toe Spread. Again, something it’s useful to have shorthand for, rather than individual toe manipulation.

Foot swivel. Not essential but can be great for adding extra nuance in contact with the ground as the creature moves about.

Front ankle rotate. Very important for transitions and impact resolutions.

Rear ankle rotate. Very handy for controlling the shape of the leg as the orientation of the upper joint is not always where it should be on 3 joint IK chains.

Thanks again for looking at this, I’m really enjoying learning the mGear system.

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@Moomalade Thanks for the references! This is very useful!