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Component Standard Connections

I’ve created a new spine component based on Spine_FK_01. This component basically lets me place the joints in the spine with the guide, instead of it being a division function of the component. Great when I have to match existing skeletons.

Everything is working but components added as children aren’t being connected up with the standard connector. Can someone explain how that works?

Thanks for your time in advance.


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I think I’ve solved half of as the child components are following the FK. But I need it to follow the IK top control. It’s not 100% clear to me the relationships between the dictionaries and how they relate to the connectors. So some help would be useful.

So far I’ve set the relationships as such…

Here’s the gist.

Sorry I didn’t check all your code :stuck_out_tongue:

But the method to check should be setRelation:

can you confirm that your self.cnx0 and self.cnx1 are following as expected the IK. If you didn’t change that part they will follow the FK (if I recall correctly)

Hi @Miquel, thanks for the reply.

I didn’t expect to have to change the setRelation function when I made the new component as much of the code stayed the same. The “hooks” self.cnx0 and self.cnx1 are still there and working as expected, I got a half working solution by adding the loop and between the “%_loc” and the FK controls as in the above demo.

If you could, I’d love to see some explanation of the setRelation method and how these dicts describe the connection process. It doesn’t jump out at you in the code.

More than happy to share the component for you to test. I’ve added new methods for it in the applyop and curve modules. So I’d like to post a push request to git for review too once this new component is working and tested.