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Control groups not following naming convention

Hi. I noticed some control groups are not following the new naming convention configuration like the “_npo”, “_cns” and “_root” groups. And even the rig joints.
This is my naming convention:
And this is how they are renamed when building the rig:

so basically the {index} should come right after {component}. The controls are correct but you can see the groups are still having the {index} after {side}. Same happens with rig joints. However it’s correct on final deformation joints:
So this inconsistency is causing me some headaches when it comes to making custom scripts. Any ideas if there would be a fix for this or am I missing a setting? Thanks.

Maya Version: 2022.5
mGear Version: 4.0.9

What kind of headaches? If you explain the problem, maybe there are some workarounds. For example, you can walk up the hierarchy in a script, to find a relative parent. Or some items can be accessed procedurally through the stepDict. Or through input/output connections.

The naming conventions (as far as I know) are only for controls and skin joints. I don’t think this is a bug, and I’m going to move it to support. I think it would be too easy for a user to make a naming convention that caused name clashes in the background rig components. And you are just looking at the outliner. If all the transforms had their names altered, then should the dag/utility nodes also be changed? Then you have even more chance for bad name conflicts.

Perhaps you could consider cloning the components into custom components. And edit their names to follow the controls rule. Or store the components’ names in string attributes as metadata or your own custom connections. But I’d simply recommend exploring different ways of traversing your hierarchy in your scripts.

(Did they in a previous version? If so, maybe I’m wrong that this isn’t a bug.)

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The naming convention is only for controls and joints. The other internal node names are not configurable from the UI. Please note that the UI specifies clearly that the rule is for controls or Joints :wink:

The reason is that only controls and joints need to be configured in order to adjust to each pipeline standard.


Thank you guys for the clarification. There are definitly other workarounds for me. I just thought that it was an overlooked bug.
@chrislesage by “new” I meant my custom modified naming rule and not the default one. Cheers.

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