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Control Orientation

I want to use mGear’s SDK Manager for which I’m setting up a guide skeleton composed solely of sdk_control components. I rotate the control_XX_root that’s created with every sdk_control component and expect the joint and nurbs control that’s created in the rig using this guide to be oriented the way I rotate the control_XX_root on the guide. That is, however, not the case. The joints and controllers being created using the guides I’m setting up are oriented to the World. How do I dictate orientation for joints and controls being created by mGear guide components?

The joint orientation is hardcoded to use X axis. I want to expose this option in the near future. But not possible right now.

For the controls is similar. Some components have options to configure, but not all. However, you can edit or create your own components with your desire configuration.

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Is this still the case? I am trying to do something similiar only to realsie the Control component orientation cannot be set and defaults to world orientation.
Is there a work around?

I have defaulted to using the SDK Control for orientation.