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Control Shapes Mirror

Hi all,

I did a quick search on the forum, I just wanted to ask if this is still a bug, if you change the rig namaing rules the mirror shapes tool doesnt work?

I actually have my naming set like this
{side}{component}{index}{description}{extension} (with underscores they are just not showing up in this)
and it wont mirror from left to right, but it will work from right to left.

Left to right is just mirroring right to left, selection isnt doing anything, unless I am selecting the right side.

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Hi Hannah,

You can format as code in the forum by surrounding with triple backticks like this:


Could you make it easier, and show an actual example of your built controller names that are not mirroring correctly?

When you say, “still” a bug, is there a specific forum thread you’re indicating? Can you please link it?


Sorry for the delay , so this is how I have my naming rules set up


and for example my right side controls are called

R_Tail_0_Fk4_CTL and the left are called L_Tail_0_Fk4_CTL

This is actually not how I would usually name controls to be honest but this is my first proper mgear rig and its already started to be used in production.
I just checked and yes the left side wont mirror to the right, but it is entirely possible I am doing something wrong. I have not seen any issues pop up in script editor. Right side mirrors fine.

I said 'Still" as I had seen some old threads about mirroring issues but they were from a couple years ago, and I assume those had been fixed since it seems like you guys are actively developing

If it helps I am using maya 2024.2

This isnt a ground breaking thing btw, I was just wondering if it is user error?
Its coming up to my last day on this job so I wont have access soon, but I intend to keep having a look on my personal machine next week I might be able to figure it out. I just didnt have time while in production to properly dig.

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I’m not sure without more testing. But for example, if you are using R and L in your mirroring, notice you have CTL in your name too. So the L might be getting filtered out and looking for CTR.

And we couldn’t see you have all caps CTL until you showed the example.

Just as a test, can you try your exact naming scheme, but on controllers named lowercase ctl? Does the mirroring work?

Maybe it’s too late to rename your controls, but the test would give some clues.

Hi Chris,

That was it actually, it does mirror fine if I go lower case.
I cant rename it now, its my last day on the job, and it doesnt matter anyway as I just mirrored Right to left for this job, but good spot. I will keep that in mind for the future.

I just was trying to keep my rig names more consistent with what I usually go with.

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Another alternative would be adjusting some custom mirroring code so it ignores anything after the final _ so it leaves _ctl or _CTL alone. But that might impact someone who has a different naming convention.

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