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Control Visibility Switching off by Itself


Hi there so I am running into this problem that whenever I tear off a copy of the current panel I am looking through in Maya then all the controls that are mgear related get hidden in the scene, the scene currently only has about 5 rigs in it ranging from one character and 4 props.

If I reopen the scene they are visible again but whenever you tear of a copy via the panels drop down menu then they get hidden. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? All the custom controls (curves) I’ve built stay visible its only the mgear curves that get hidden.

Any help would be appreciated, its slightly affecting our animators who want to work with two panels open.


Still busy testing what could be causing it because if i bring in the rigs fresh into a scene and i tear of a copy of the window it doesn’t happen.


Hi Ruan,

You say if you bring the rigs into a fresh scene it doesn’t happen. So when does it happen? On an animated scene with references? I want to try and recreate it. What version of Maya?

Are you aware that mGear controls are tagged as “controller” nodes? Since your own custom curves stay visible, I bet it has to be related somehow.

(I only ask because I didn’t know about the controller feature before using mGear, and I searched for a week why pick-walking was so strange! Custom pick-walking is cool for animation, but a pain when rigging. :slight_smile:)

So just in case: when controls are tagged as controller, you have to make sure Controllers are visible as well as nurbsCurves. If everything is checked, then I guess it’s a bug. The next thing I’d try is DG mode vs. Parallel and see if there are any changes.

You could do a quick test to see if it is actually the controller nodes causing the problem. Temporarily delete them. That only deletes the tags from the curves.

import pymel.core as pm


Thank you very much the turning controllers switch on displays them again. So that definitely fixes the problem. Sorry I wasn’t aware of this tag. I do still think its some form of bug because the original scene the controllers switch is off by default yet the controls are still visible.

And only when you hit the tear of copy option while its off then it hides the controls. So turning it on brings them back its just odd that its off by default yet still displays. In the beginning.

Im trying to recreate the instance in a fresh scene but its not working so i do believe it might just be isolated to that specific scene since it isn’t happening anywhere else.

But thank you again


So I’ve managed to recreate what was happening, see below a link to a video where I show how turning controllers on and off in the beginning does nothing but only when it is turned off and you tear off a copy of the screen

Does it hide the controls and then controllers switch hides and shows the controls then.



Nice. That’s a typical Autodesk way of implementing a feature. :smiley: