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Controller Creation/Extraction Behavior

Controller creation has been a bit confusing to me and I thought it appropriate to get some clarity or offer feedback regarding how they operate.

  1. Replace Shape in Rigbits maintains the color of the new shape, not the old shape, so you cannot quickly replace shapes on both Left and Right sides without losing color information.
  2. Extracted controls are not mirrored when using Duplicate Sym, even if no extracted shape exists for the mirrored side.
  3. Extracted controls can never receive color information from the root nodes, even if Override Color is turned on.
  4. Z-Up projects have shapes generate as though they are Y-Up, forcing manual correction of any new control_01, etc. This requires Extract Shape and leads to the other issues listed above.
  5. Color Settings in guide roots always shows left-side colors even when other Sides are selected (Quality of life feature, have the colors update to match the guide node color settings based on the Side selected?)

I’m not sure if there are built-in solutions to prevent extracted controls from completely overriding guide information or if these things will all require manual intervention. Some of this seems like a solution for the “Custom Controllers Group” field, but I’m not sure what that field actually does as there is no documentation on it. It seems currently only control_01 roots allow Control Shape selection, and I can’t find a way to add custom shapes to that list either.

Hello @scofrona

Usually I replace/modify only one side (left usually) and use the ribits mirror ctl shape tool later. This preserve the color

correct the extracted version is not affected by duplicate sym

Retriving the extracted shapes is a process after the build. So that it will take the shape and color previously extracted. There is no option to refine the behavior but it should be easy to implement. However not a big priority in the roadmap unless a client with a support contract asks for it or someone does a PR :wink:

Same as the point before :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the feedback I am taking note of this and the other points :smiley:
As I commented not really a high priority on the current roadmad bud definitely are good points to improve and remember for the future.
Also open for PR on github to improve it :wink:

Glad to give feedback! It’s good to know what is known behavior, as well. I’m still in the trenches learning scripting, etc. otherwise I’d happily do a PR ahaha

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