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Controls Rig to Polys or Mesh

There is the possibility of converting the nurbs objects of the rig to solid objects? like polygons or mesh? to generate a proxy object I do not see the idea of incorporating something like that in the future if it is not possible today.

These days, with parallel evaluation and beefy computers, I haven’t personally built a proxy model like this in 8 to 10 years. If it’s just for speed, it’s better to follow parallel best-practices, and just make a fast rig, when possible.

But, it looks like there is already a built-in tool. I’ve never tested it personally.


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we have something similar in the roadmap

not for performance reasons like @chrislesage commented but to help create quick proxy models that can be use in different situations.


Oh yeah fair enough. I suppose you could even turn those blocks into controls in some situations, or physics colliders, etc. etc.

yep that will be cool if we can use it directly with ragdoll dynamics

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