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Copy attribute from one CTL to another CTL

Hi, is there a way to copy attributes such as FK/IK switch, roll, roundness etc from the UI control to lets say a wrist or elbow control?

Hello @Ross_Daniel

When you mean copy are you talking about proxy attribute type of copying (making an instance of the attribute) or simply copy the attribute to be created into another control? If so does the copy need to override driving the actual data behind?

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This doesn’t answer your question. But putting the IK/FK switch on the wrist, or on any control that is ON the limb is going to slow down your rig.

Miquel shared in one of his tutorials that if you move those attributes to a control that is outside the limb, your rig will get a lot faster. I tried it, and the rigs got approximately 10 FPS faster.

When you put the attribute inside the limb that it is switching, it causes more evaluation loops. So I don’t recommend putting the attributes on the wrist or elbow. And you should parent your armUI control under the chest, or COG or master control. Not under your limb.

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Thanks, good to know!

Just another instance I suppose. I want the convenience of having the FKIK switch directly on the arm controls.

I think channel wrangler is what you are looking for:

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Thank You so much Miguel. I knew it was there somewhere!!!