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Copying Tabs in Anim Picker 1.2.2 | mGear 3.7.11

Hey @chrislesage, @GoodSewed and all The Guys! )
We bumped on to one problem. We have Couple of Characters with the same Anim Picker Presets. And now we’re thinking about changing the “Face” tab to all of them. Is that any chance to make changes for one character and after that just copy that “Face” tab to all of the characters?

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@medvezana you can uses picker external files. So all the characters will share the same picker. That will allow to edit 1 external file and all the characters will get the update.

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Hey, @Miquel! Thank you for qick response! :slight_smile:
But let’s add one more variable. What if “Body” tab has different set of controls for each character and the “Face” tab has the same set for all the characters. So we have couple of Anim Picker presets for each separate character, and inside of it is included “Face” tab. And we need to change “Face” tab and transfer the data to all of the characters.

Maybe you know how it works in AnimSchool Picker. You may save your own preset and after that just load it in tubs whenever you need and as many times you need at the same scene for different characters just changing namespaces of characters. And also you can make changes on the tub right in your scene and quick save this tub in separate file and share with others. So, the picker not hardly linked with character and scene. Maybe that possible to do something like that?


I didn’t even know you could add tabs in the Picker… lol!

Which means this is the way I work: I have two separate pickers. One for the body, and one for the face. And more for any custom needs. Then it’s super easy to save and load presets for each.

So to select other pickers, you just have to use the dropdown menu, instead of the tabs.

(Now that I know tabs exist, I can see how it would be nice if you could save and load presets for individual tabs.)

((If you’re comfortable scripting and text-editing, you could likely parse the Picker.picker_datas syntax to duplicate your face tab.))

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