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Crash after ghost controls generated

I’m facing a bit weird issue - rig is crashing when there are ghost controls in the scene.
While manipulating the rig without any keys it’s working fine, but as soon as I add any key and move the timeline it’s an instant crash.
First I thought it’s cause rivets or to heavy geo or combination of both - but was deleting parts and as long as ghost controls are in the scene it’s crashing. (There is around 100~ ghost controls).

I think, I’m not doing anything wrong, did that setup multiple times and it was working just great - but maybe I’m missing something. Maya 2018 SP6

Steps are like these:

  1. Create ghost ctl from local rig: ghost_ctl = ghost.createGhostCtl(ctl, ghosts_grp)
  2. Create rivet: rivet_node = oRivet.create(head_geo, edgesA, edgesB, rivet_grp, rivetName)
  3. Connect position of ghost to rivet, orientation/scale to closest main control.
  4. Add npo to ghost and eliminate double transform with multdiv node.


I really don’t know. TIL ghost controls exist in mGear. (I knew the technique.)

But I’m just curious, do you also use Proxy Attrs?

(btw, 2018.7 is released. Not claiming it might solve the problem, but they have been solving a lot of bugs lately.)

never crashed for me. But I don’t use the proxy controls. it is a good idea to discard that first :slight_smile:

I do not use proxy controls either. Wonder what was that, but today I rebuilt everything on a fresh scene and it’s working … That’s a bit funny as I did the same yesterday, but I today I had issues with skinning, so probably that was it.

Any way thanks for help!
@chrislesage Thanks, will upgrade after the current project then, thanks!