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createMulNode - specify output?


having fun with some rig modification, but came up against a probably very basic problem.

I’m using the createMultNode to connect a couple of attributes, but wanted to specify which exact output it used - by default it uses x output from the mult node? When I use a list to populate the output, it uses y for the second connection, but would like to keep it all coming from x. Is there a way to do that?

node.createMulNode(‘leg_L_0_ik_ctl.toeSpread’, -2, output=[‘toe_L_0_ik_cns.rotateX’, ‘toe_L_0_fk1_npo.rotateZ’])


Hi @mattmos

if I remember correctly, it is expecting 2 lists . One for the output and another for input

Try this:

node.createMulNode([‘leg_L_0_ik_ctl.toeSpread’, ‘leg_L_0_ik_ctl.toeSpread’], -2, output=[‘toe_L_0_ik_cns.rotateX’, ‘toe_L_0_fk1_npo.rotateZ’])

Thanks @Miquel !
Got it working with lists for input a and b, as well as output. Cheers :slight_smile:

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