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Creating Custom Groups and Game Export

Hi everyone,

When I set custom groups for my guides and then try to use Game Tools, it can not separate model from the rig properly, there is rig(controls and connections) on the model.ma file. When I tried removing custom groups, it just exports model and joints. Maybe this is something I should be aware of?

I see, maybe is a bug. I will check this ASAP.

And animators that I work with told me that we should have root joint without any parents and just the geo group. With Game Tools, hierarchy has some nodes under the model group like this:

They told me that it should look like this:

Maybe there is something in Unreal that we don’t know about. What do you think?

you can use a post custom step to unparent the joint from jnt_org. (I do it that way.)
But I take note of this, I think is easy to implement an option to do that automatically :wink:


It’s good to know that is the correct workflow, thanks Miquel!

It is indeed the correct way to export to unreal (unparenting the root completely). If using the game tool causes you issues, you can have your rig reference with the bones unparented (custom steps like Miguel mentioned) and Maya Game Exporter lets you use deformers grp which are generated automatically from the build to export your clips.

A great option would be for the Game Exporter to unparent and reparent under the hierarchy to keep the scenes tidy ^^.


Hola Miquel

is this option already available or do we still need a custom step?

You could do something like:

import pymel.core as pm
root_jnt = pm.listRelatives(“jnt_org”, children=True, ad=True)[-2]
pm.parent(root_jnt, w=True)

Then just add it as a script to your custom step. Once its done, just CTRL+Z if you need the rig back in its original state

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