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Custom Controls?


Can anyone point me in the direction to create custom controls available inside of mgear components. I know you can change shapes of controls once controls are made but I would like to add some custom control shapes to the system itself. For example you can define in the ui for certain components the controls shape (cross, diamond, circle, etc) I would like to add some custom shapes of my own and have them be selectable from the component ui. Where in the mgear core are these shapes being defined?


I just searched the entire mGear folder for “crossarrow” which is unique enough to find all the places that shapes are being dealt with.

mgear/core/icon.py seems to be where the shapes get defined and called by their names.

And then in the Control_01 module, mgear/shifter_classic_components/control_01/guide.py you see a list of the names created.

But for it to show up in the guide settings drop-down box, it looks like you have to also add it to settingsUI.py for the Control_01 module. So I guess you’d have to recompile the .ui file. (I’ve never done that. No idea how.)



All the curve shapes are here:
\your mgear folder\scripts\mgear\core\icon.py

But something new will come soon: https://github.com/mgear-dev/rigbits/issues/3 :wink:


Hey all thank you very much for the reply I got the controls I needed put in there. @Miquel I look forward to the update!