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Custom Synoptic Tab Workflow


I’m working to build a ‘face’ synoptic tab, and I’ve successfully changed a few control names from the ‘biped_body’ tab and gotten it to compile and function. I haven’t used qt designer before, and I’m having a difficult time manipulating the transparent widgets in the widget.ui file. Struggling to understand the customized palette and the difference between the files or the workflow to convert the layout from the _colors file.

What is the intended workflow?


Hello Zach,

@Miquel is out on vacation and he may be the only one that is familiar with the entire process. But we do have plans for a new synoptic type solution. Depending on the version you have of mGear, you may be able to take advantage of anim_picker. It’s in the beta stages, but it works. And the entire workflow is within Maya and perhaps more intuitive.

I am sorry that there is no singular solution but we are working on it.


Hello @Zach_Gray

I do not know if you have already seen this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOiQ5lY1PPY
in which Miquel covers the transparency of the widgets. Like @Rafael mentioned we are aware that this process right not isn’t the best but we are going to provide a better workflow thanks to @Rafael’s work some time in future versions of mgear.

Please let me know if checking out the video already helps you solve your issue.


Thanks guys! I thought I’d been through the videos, how did I miss this one? I appreciate being sent in the right direction!