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Customized synoptic doesn't hilight selected buttons


I customized biped synoptic adding picker button to sleect adittional rigs.
I worked according to the following tutorial.

I succeeded adding button,But the synoptic DOESN’T hilight selected button.

(Hilight,I mean below.)

For examine causes,I compiled a PyQt ui file NOT customized biped synoptic.
As resullt, the synoptic became to not be able to hilight selected buttons.

I think, if I only compile any synoptic PyQt file to make custom synoptic,
the generated synoptic doesn’t hilight selected pic button.

How do I to generate synoptic can hilight selected pic buttons?


using mGear version:3.0.4
using Maya version:2018.3


Hi @hossan_TK9004 Not sure about the refresh issue

can you share your synoptic files? or send by PM if can’t share public


Thanks for your message.

but I solved this problem.
The cause was difference of use environment.
I checked codes after compile,it was different top and bottom linses to original codes.
I tried to fix the top and bottom lines to origilal code,I could solve this problem.