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Customizing Synoptic pickers

Hello everyone

Some releases ago we added into Synoptic support some style sheets inside the pickers. This feature was release silently because despite the fact that you can do lots of things with Synoptic we are still planning in adding a new (more flexible) picker into mGear (https://github.com/mgear-dev/anim_picker).

That been said here is an example of what you can achieve with the support of style sheets.

You can download this template from here https://we.tl/t-1Szm9zdSZu
Keep in mind that this picker template isn’t done for the human template of mGear but rather a biped template on a project I was working on

  • Arms and legs are free tangent components
  • Spine is Spine Ik 1 with central and auto bend control
  • Shoulders ares shoulder 1
  • Foot is without single roll control

Anyway in the UI file you can change the names of the control specially the global on the picker is set another name…

There is a downside of using the style sheets feature on your pickers on scenes with lots of characters as the loading of Synoptic becomes slower and this is done due to a non optimized way of implementing this feature on my part. Nevertheless it does allow you do more graphical pickers than only the predefined class widgets that we have in Synoptic.



Thanks for sharing this @Jerome! :slight_smile: