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Data-Centric Facial Rigging export to UE5

Hi, is there any way to export the Data-Centric Facial Rigging, like the structure below, which has the blendshape driven by local joints, can be export to the unreal engine?

I tried the shifter game tool,
but it only works for the body, not the face.

Also, I tried this way, which can only works for the blendshape not driven by joints.

I tried it last year and faced the same problem. Seems like blend shapes in UE are stored as static targets rather than as a “live connection” like inside Maya.
And there also the “ghost controls” approach which need to be recreated inside UE.

On the other side, UE’s live link with Maya worked pretty well (after some tweaks to make the rigBuild game-ready), so it was able to manipulate the rig on Maya and see the changes in real-time on UE.

Tried with UE4 and mGear 3.7.11 but I didn’t had a chance to keep exploring it since then. With the Meta Human release, maybe it worths to bring the facial setup from UE and add to your rig instead.

I will keep following your post to see if someone make it work. :love_you_gesture:t5:


Thanks for the tips, I’ll try. But my rigs are pretty cartoony, that include bunch of squash and stretch, I’m afraid Meta Human won’t be as flexible as the results I get from the ghost-control-blendshape. :cry:
Still, very appreciate for your answer.

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The facial rig in the workshop is a layered rig, so it will not work if exported with FBX to any game engine :sweat_smile: