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deformerEvaluator crashing

Are there any known issues with the deformerEvaluator crashing the maya Viewport?
I have around 10 crashes a day. And i dont have that issue in non mGear scenes.

Maya does crash if i switch from Shaded to Textured view. Shortcut 6
Or if i switch from single to four panel view. Shortcut Space

Hi @oglu do you have GPU override active?

May I know Maya version and OS?

Maya 2020.2 on Windows
GPU override is turned on.

I had many issues with GPU override in the past and usually, I have it turned off.

About Maya 2020 I didn’t use it in production because of the known issue on manipulation performance: Regression in Manipulation Performance I hope the new release with the fix is available soon. So not sure if there is any related issue with that.

Can you send me a PM with the rig and some steps to reproduce the crash?

Thanks for the info. I take a look if i can extract all NDA data.

What does this deformerEval do?
Cause if i turn that plugin off it wont crash.