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Regression in Manipulation Performance

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but there has been some kind of change in the way manipulation evaluates in Maya 2020.1-2020.2

In versions:
2018 - it’s all good
2020.0 - still good
2020.1 - laggy manipulation
2020.2 - same as 2020.1

Maya 2018. The EM state is ready. About 22 fps.

Maya 2020.2. I also made sure the EM state was ready. About 4 fps.

I’ve noticed I can recreate the same behavior in 2018 if I disable manipulation from the evaluation.

In 2020 there seem to be some new settings. I’ve tried all of them and nothing changed. Playback performance is unaffected though. I’ve had much better playback speeds in 2020 with and without cache. I’ve also tried other rigs. The performance gap is not as bad as compared to this rig, but it still manipulates slower in 2020.1 and 2020.2. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed this behavior.

Hello, @Noll thanks for the information here. I am still working with 2018 for production. So I didn’t have the chance to test properly newer versions.

EDIT: I did a quick test with Maya 2020 with one of our production rigs.
In my case, the performance in 2020.0 is better, but if I turn off Manipulation, it drops like yours. I will try to install 2020.2 to compare.

EDIT2: confirmation that 2020.2 is much worse. I wonder if this is related with the shear attr changes that was introduced in Maya 2020.1 ? I will continue with the research

@Jerome did you noted this?

Hello guys

Please be sure to test the same thing with KEYFRAMES on the controls because this affects how the Manipulation evaluation gets triggered on the EM evaluation. Autodesk devs did quite some changes on how this behave since Maya 2016.

Let me know how keyframes affect this and I will help from there.

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Yep, I’ve also tried multiple keyframes set on the whole character (and some already animated shots) and I get the same issue with manipulation performance in update 1 and 2 in 2020. Playback performance is great, just the manipulation is weird.

Hello @Noll

I just tested in Maya 2018, 2019 and 2020 and I get the same performances with the manipulator evaluator. I am now going to update Maya 2020 to 2020.2 and will probably see the issue that you are mentioning. Will keep you posted

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Okay @Noll you are totally right when using Update2 on Maya 2020 it seems that the manipulator evaluator isn’t taking into account the controller nodes on the rigs which creates this slowness when interacting with the rig. I am going to log this.


Hi there - I was able to reproduce the laggy issue with the mGear file in released versions of Maya. This was fixed last week and I just tested it in that version and the lagginess has been resolved.

Jerome - did you log something? Did you do it through Maya?
Thanks! Catherine


Hello @catherinemcginnis
Welcome to the forum. In which version you say that this was working?

Hi Jerome - thanks - it’s fixed in our latest cut - so it’s not yet released.
Sorry - meant to mention I work in Autodesk QA.
Do you have access to the beta site?


Ha that makes more sens to me now :yum:.
Yes @Miquel and I are part of the Beta and have access to the PR releases but I did not check this on the latest one. Great to hear that this has been addressed. You can probably close the BSPR-35419 that I logged mentioning this.



Hi @catherinemcginnis! Thanks for sharing the information here! :slight_smile:

Hey there - no problem :slight_smile:

Just an fyi - the beta with this fix hasn’t been released yet, so it’s in the next (116) one which should be out fairly soon. Feel free to test away. I tested Sven as well and he seemed to be ok as well.
Take good care! Catherine


Cool to see Autodesk QA getting out in the community userbase.

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So which would be the safe move here, stay in 2020.1 till this is fixed?

Stay in 2020.0 launch version or older until update 3 hopefully.

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We are still in 2019, but willing to move forward. I don’t know if 2020.0 would be the right move because I remember there was some serious bug fixing in Maya with 2020.1. I don’t know we’ll wait a little bit longer though. Hopefully 2020.5 is around the corner and (that would be great) also python3 support.

Good news this has been fixed on 2020.3 (haven’t tested myself so don’t shoot me :smiley: )


Wow that’s a massive improvement for me!

It does work great here with 2020.3

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Awesome, its finally fixed