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Difference between export skin and export skinpack?

Difference between export skin and export skinpack?

skin is file containing skinning information

skinpack is a text list of skin files.

Ok, but when do i use one or the other?

A skinpack file is a way of loading multiple skin files on to multiple geometries at once. A skinpack file has zero information about skinning in it. It’s just a list of files.

You will always use skin files.

When you click “export skin pack” it will export one skin for every geometry you have selected. And then it will make a skinpack file that lists all of those skin files it just exported.

When you import a skinpack file, it will load all the skin files that are listed in the skinpack file, and apply them to your geometry, one by one.


As a user the question will be ‘Do I want to export / import multiple geometries at once?’
If so, use the skinpack. If not, a single skinfile will be enough. -
As @chrislesange explained, skinpacks are super convenient as they generate a single skin file per selected geometry and make it easy to load them again.

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