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Distributing rigs with mGear features


I am planning on distributing a rig that uses the mGear mouth system, to 2 animators and also a cloud rendering service. However I noticed that the solvers will not run if the mGear plug-in is not installed. Am I missing something, is there a way to use the rig without the plug-in being installed. Apologies if this topic has already been discussed.



Hello @Shadid_Omar

You can send them the plugin files separated for them to run the rigs without needing to install all mGear’s package.

There is a possibility to have the mouth rig without the need of mGear’s rig but you manually need to replace de mgear nodes by Maya nodes type.




Is it possible to that when we open the maya file it automatically copies the the mGear solvers from the directory where the maya file is present to the proper modules directory as shapes from brave rabbit does it with the Shapes installation maya file?



Thanks, how would I go about replacing the nodes?


With scripting. :slight_smile:


@Shadid_Omar Another suggestion you might want to consider (If you are not able to send any plugins to the cloud rendering service).

After animation, you could bake your animation directly on to the joints of the rig, and then delete the rig. Just send the geometry and the joints to the cloud service. This would be similar to how you would export a rig to a game engine.

Or you could bake your animation to a format like Alembic, and send those files. (I’ve never done that, but I’ve worked on shows where the rendering department only worked with Alembic, and never loaded the rigs.) You’d want to test if the file sizes get too big.


Hi other the mouth what else is using custom plugins? Will the spine or limbs use custom solvers?


Most of the mGear components use mgear nodes which requires mgears solver plugin to be there.