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Do Mgear rigs work without Mgear installed?


I am currently working at a place that has no modular rigging in place yet and doing everything by hand is crazy in my eyes, but there would be no way to install mgear across the many locations this place does business. My question is after the rig is built, does the rig work without the plugin installed?

Advanced Skelleton works fine after the rig is created, but it does not use any custom nodes.


Greg Punchatz


Hi @punchatz

Currently you need the solvers load in order to use mgear rigs.

Is possible to create new components without using the custom solvers. But right now all the components that ship with mgear use one or more custom nodes that require the mgear_solvers.mll

Here is an example of 2 components that doesn’t need mgear solvers
but are not maintain and probably need to be updated for the latest mgear

I hope this helps.