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Does mgear 4.0.3 work on Windows 11?

Hi! I’m trying to install mgear to my Maya 2022 on Windows 11 and can’t see the mgear panel. Is it available for win 11? I found the requirements for version 3.7.11 and it works only on win 10.

Hello @wingedcroc I didn’t try windows 11 yet :sweat_smile:
I guess should work but I can’t confirm it until I test it, sorry

Do you have any errors?

In the script editor, what happens if you run import mgear ? Are you getting any errors, or is the module loading properly?

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@chrislesage I’ll check it in a few days, thanks. I didn’t run import mgear, only added module and wrote the path, maybe did something wrong.

import mgear is not part of the installation process. It’s just something you should try to run in the script editor, to find out whether mGear loaded or not.

The idea is to find out if the mGear module didn’t install properly, or if the menu just isn’t showing up for some reason.

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@chrislesage I run import mgear and found an error that there was no pymel module. I installed python 3 to my computer and pymel, after that I found panel mgear in maya.
Thanks for support!