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Dragon’s Lair, Dirk the Daring, mGear Maya rig

Hello!! Just another free Maya rig: Dragon’s Lair, Dirk the Daring

Dirk modeled by Bram Van Gerrewey


I also did a little scene rendered using Unreal Engine:



Awesome work @Milio
Thanks for sharing with the comunity!

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Would be interesting to see your maya to unreal workflow. How do you get your animation into unreal especially with an mgear rig? I have failed at this many times.

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It is super easy. I can get a video showing the whole process.
Only needs a unique and separated joint hierarchy and the skinned geometry.

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Would be grateful for that!

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i’ll do it over the weekend! Cheers!

Hi everybody.

As promised, uploaded a video showing my process to export skeletal meshes and animations from Maya, using, of course, mGear framework to Unreal.

Hope useful, any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to ask.