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Dragon’s Lair, Dirk the Daring, mGear Maya rig

Hello!! Just another free Maya rig: Dragon’s Lair, Dirk the Daring

Dirk modeled by Bram Van Gerrewey


I also did a little scene rendered using Unreal Engine:



Awesome work @Milio
Thanks for sharing with the comunity!

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Would be interesting to see your maya to unreal workflow. How do you get your animation into unreal especially with an mgear rig? I have failed at this many times.

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It is super easy. I can get a video showing the whole process.
Only needs a unique and separated joint hierarchy and the skinned geometry.

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Would be grateful for that!

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i’ll do it over the weekend! Cheers!

Hi everybody.

As promised, uploaded a video showing my process to export skeletal meshes and animations from Maya, using, of course, mGear framework to Unreal.

Hope useful, any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to ask.



Hey !! hi, very nice rigg !!

I have an issue with the scaling, lips seems to be missing the process, and some other part of the rigg when I blend IK/FK,

Could you check that or tell me what i might be doing wrong ?

hi! what is exactly the issue you are having? what control are you scaling?

The whole rigg, to fit a scene i’m working on, I need dirk to be at 0.155 scale.
Maybe there’s a tool or an attribute i’m missing to do that, but when I scale the world ctl here’s what happen :

Notice the controller of wrist that is also not scaled when i blend IK/FK

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hi! I see the problem with lips and already fixed it. You can download the rig again, v2, from the gumroad site.

However, the ik/fk blend is an issue not sure I could get fixed. It might be a mGear issue? I have no custom stuff around the leg/foot.
When scaling the world control down, like 0.1. Getting the ik/fk blend from 0 to 1 will get that strange scaling in that bone leg_L0_end_jnt. Also foot_L0_0_jnt scale is set to 0.1, while the normal behavior for all bones should be 1.

Arms are ok, although there’s a noticeable glitch that makes the control super big while blending.
But is back to normal when at 0 or 1.

I’m sorry I can’t help you find the solution for that.
I can only report bug xD,
Here’s another one, when you click on select all controllers with mgear menu, it also select some eyes bones which should not be selected. The main issue with that is when you set a key on everything, eyelid don’t follow anymore.

ohhh! I see the sets are wrong! Strange I never had any issue while animating the scene myself.

Theres a new version with that fixed: Dirk the Daring Maya Rig v2.1