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Drive control to another RBF Manager video


I am creating a rig for a school project.
I am using mgear for my the first time and what an awesome tool !

I am currently rigging a female character and i have to rig a skirt. I watched the video on RBF manager on the youtube channel and i want to do something similar.

I understand how it works and i made the sames controls for the skirt : 2 control in the center (one in the front one in the back), 3 controls on the left side and 3 on the right side.

In the video the center control is already driven by the left and right side and there is no explanation about this in the video.

Can anyone explain me how to drive the center control to the left and right side ?

Sorry for my bad English
and in advance thanks for your help

Hi Itshi,

Can you please link to the video you are talking about? Include a timestamp if possible. There are a lot of mGear videos. It will make it easier for someone to help you.

Sure, i’m talking about this video :

@Itshi I think that center control is being driven by a simple parentConstraint with two drivers, so the driven control just averages between the two(Splits the difference).

So you can get free anim/movement on the center from the RBF’s.

Hope that works for your case!


It is working, thanks a lot ! it saves me a lot of time as i was trying to do it with set driven keys :slight_smile:

Do you think there is a way to somehow export this constraint and reimport it so i don’t have to redo it if i have to rebuild ?

(thanks a lot for your help and your time you guys are awesome @Rafael @chrislesage)

I wouldn’t try to import/export it but just use a post script on build to recreate the parentConstraint, with python. In that sense, the constraint is really independent of the rbf.


i was able to create the script and it is perfectly working.

Again, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: