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Driven not loading in RBF Manager window



I am following the instructions for RBF Manager shown in video “mGear2.5: RBF Manager” and when i press ¨New RBF¨ button the driven doesn´t show up in the RBF Manager window. In the outliner, i can see that it creates a couple of new nodes called XXX_DrivenPar and XXX_driven.

Any help?




Are you getting an error of any kind? If so, please paste it here. As well as any information about your maya version, the name of the object that should be driven etc.



This is the error i get. The Maya version is 2018 and the name of the object that should be driven is CoatFront_L0_fk0_ctl.



The quick response would be, is the driven node parented under anything? I think there is a lapse in logic where I am not accounting for an object parented to world. Play around with the parenting of the driver and driven objects to see if this gets you out of the situation.

Let me know